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Madison Savannah

Artistic Director/ Owner PODC CEO of the astounding MAD Company, Beginner, Intermediate Contemporary Teacher

Dance isn't a hobby its a passion. I grew up in the studio and had my first debut on stage at the age of 2. I competed with Premier One Dance Academy my entire life and started choreographing award winning dances for the team at the age of 11 where I skyrocketed and impacted huge audiences with the motivational stories that spoke through the work I put on dancers. I trained with Deeply Rooted for 2 years, Visceral Dance Center for 3 years, Joel Hall for 1 year, Homer Bryant for 1 year, and guest starred in DLOW BET YOU CANT DO IT LIKE ME music video. At the age of 18 I knew I was ready to take the studio to another place. Higher than its ever been. The Arts. The arts has a great impact on artist and people with great stories. The art itself has changed people's lives for the better. Specifically speaking me. I was the underdog like most talents start out and I created a company for the next generation to know there impact, there worth, and there beauty lies within them and their gift. MAD Company. Made for minis & elites because age has no restriction on talent. We are the next generation, and I am the firm leader who was chosen to help "MAKE A DANCER MAKE A DIFFERENCE." I teach self worth and self confidence with movement and imagination as a bonus. You take a MAD class, you never want to turn back because you learn to embrace and find your own M.A.D. artistry. Everyone has a story, but it takes a true boss to bring it out. Do You have what it takes to be MAD?!

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