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I want to be a Triple Threat where should I start?

The Basics

Do it all.

Come ready and humble to learn and also be ready to offer all of your attention and all you got into the arts. Leave Your mark and nothing can stop you. PODC is the place where stars are born and artist are discovered. If you want to start your journey now. Go Premier!

Do I need previous experience?

No. Absolutely not. All stars have a story and no star is born perfect because perfection doesn't exist however. Here at PODC we believe in stars aligning. This is the place to come up and build up while also discovering your greatness with artist and people who are just like you. Everyone starts somewhere and PODC is the place to begin your journey to set it off!

What do I need to bring?

Black Leotard

​Nude Tights

Ballet Shoes or any shoes for particular class

Positive mindset

Fierce Attitude and Leadership

How many students are in each class?

Being mindful of Social Distancing, we allow 10-20 students or less in a class.

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