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Your success is our priority. To support our inclusive community, we provide a personal approach, tailoring learning methods to each student's needs.

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Our classes are taught by dedicated and experienced educators. Using proven teaching strategies, they make sure that every student finds a path to success.

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We embrace a learning environment that will prepare you for the path ahead. Our classes incorporate traditional learning styles as well as hands-on experiences. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acrobatics

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Madison Savannah

I have been dancing since the age of 2, or you could say since I have been able to walk. I have trained with Deeply Rooted for 2 years. I have studied with Visceral Dance for 2 years. I have studied with Joeel Hall for 1 year, and I have been dancing with PODC all my life. I just recently won 1st place with my contemporary solo “Infliction” at Danza Dance Competition, placing me in the top 10 of 300 Senior advance dancers and I was only 17 years old. I also came in 4th place out of all 300 dancers and out of the top 10 dancers in the Senior category. Some background history of myself would be I started competing at the age of 8 and I loved it so much that I made an agenda to make dance my number one priority. An interesting fact that made me realize that dance was my outlet was a judge by the name of “Sarah Jo Fazio” from Dance America Dance Competition called me out at the age of 8 and said “That little girl with the glasses always works it on stage.” I replayed that tape over and over until it couldn’t work anymore. You could say ever since then, I have taken dance seriously. At the age of 11 my choreographic ability came in to play. Literally, I was fooling around at the time with my dancing sisters playing teacher, and something that start it off as a joke turned into something super serious extremely fast.

My ability to captivate dancers and inspire them at such a young age was truly a gift, and on top of that the movement that was choreographed was so impeccable that you wouldn’t believe I was only 11 years of age. At the age of 11 ½ I made up my first competition production piece in titled “One Beautiful Evening” with at least 20 dancers max on a stage. My piece not only won 1st place, but it won the highest number overall productions in the entire competition, beating out my own teachers in the studio. My choreography kept getting better and better each year, and by the age of 14 I brain stormed ideas of taking my choreographic and inspiring creativity of movement to the next level. By the age of 14 years old I was given an opportunity of a lifetime to be a counselor for PODC Summer Dance Camp. Putting together numbers and teaching kids of all ages to come together as one may seem like a difficult task, but in the end, it was all worth it. The max of dance numbers was supposed to be around 1-6 dances. The kids were so inspired that I created 1-15 dances of all genres and on top of that, the theme was making a difference through our black culture. The showcase was so extraordinary and moving that all these dancers were registered to be on the competition team for PODC. They also begged Mrs. Adrianne to take my class, which I did not have at the time, but I was given right away.

I have been teaching little and big dancers since the age of 15 and I am now 19 ready preparing my own dance company “Making A Dancer Make A Difference” or also known as the astounding “MAD Company” to be the key to helping our studio grow and showing our society that the next generation is the future of our world and we will not rest until we are heard. Our movement speaks louder than a lion roar! Growing up in Chicago, you see a lot of violence, tragedies, prejudice, hate, you name it. I guess you can say Chicago is the city for everything regarding publicity and the arts. However, the arts are not a priority in Chicago, which I feel I have the power to change. The arts have a way of making bad situations come into the light rather its art, dance, theater, you name it. My dances for instance reflect our background as African Americans. My dances are the history and foundation that we fail to remember when the society of Blacks is placed in jeopardy and on the verge of losing the race war against what we know as whites vs blacks, but what I know as power over a color.

“MAD Company” is the founding solution for our next generation as far as making a change through the astounding gift of dance. The crazy thing about “MAD” is that we attract different dancers with stories. Not one dancer comes into the studio with a lack of passion. All are very talented, but what makes them more beautiful is having such passion and drive at a young age. Being a teacher at PODC is not a hobby. It is simply a priority where I have been given the opportunity to give other dancers the tools and the ropes that I had to learn on my own. I have the power to take these dancers careers off the ground, because I simply was them at a young age. A girl with a dream to be a star, however I did not have a strong leader. However these girls do and I see past where we are now as dancers, as a black community, as Chicagoans, and I was placed on this earth to Make A Difference and that is what I live for.


Jerome Taylor

Jerome Taylor is an award-winning choreographer who is well known in the Chicago dance community. At Premier One Dance Conservatory, Jerome teaches Advanced Hip-hop and a Junior Hip-hop class. He is a dynamic teacher who loves to choreograph high energy pieces that keep audiences on the edge of their seat. With over 25 years of experience as a choreographer, Jerome loves to tell a story through his pieces. Jerome infuses Jazz and African moves into his choreography.

Professionally, Jerome has 10 years of experience as a licensed attorney. His primary areas of practice are Labor & Employment, Administrative/Disability Law and Real Estate Law. Jerome has trained with several with dance organizations including: Gallery 37, Second II None Dance Troupe, And Full Effect Dance Theatre. In 2003, he was one of the founding members of Hip-Notic Dance Team, which is a prominent Hip-hop dance team on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. Jerome has an amazing and beautiful wife, Sondra Taylor LCSW, who encourages him to continue on with his passion for dance. He also has two beautiful children - Zara (4) and Josiah (1). Zara is enrolled at Premier One Dance Conservatory. She currently takes ballet, tap and Hip-hop.


Shana M. Sanders

Dance Training Mayfair Academy (1987-1990, 1998-2003)Under the direction of Peggy Sutton and Marie Lanier, trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, and Hip-Hop Sammy Dyer (1990-1993)Under the direction of the late Shirley Hall-Bass, training in Ballet and Tap Fieldcrest School of Performing Arts (1993-1998)Under the direction of Donna Davenport, training in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Modeling, and ActingJoel Hall (2000-2002)Under the direction of Joel Hall, William Gill, and Vanessa Truvillion, training in Modern, and Jazz Lisa Johnson (1999-2003)Under the direction of Lisa Johnson and Whitney M. Young High School, training in Ballet, & Modern Homer Bryant (Summer 2000)Training in Ballet and Pointe Aerial Silk training (2006) Performances & Professional Experience Deeply Rooted Summer Intensive (Summer 2001)Guys-N-Dolls Dance Company (2002-2003) Hampton University Terpsichorean Dance Company (2003-2007) Magnificent Mile Festival of Lights with Mary Mary (November 2011) Dancing with the Pastors (September 2012, & November 2015) Kim Tyler & Endure Productions (2008-2016) Fever – Official Dance Team of Country Club Hills Semi-Pro Football Team (2015-2017) Onderful Prayer with Angela Martin of 1390 AM (2013-Present) Teaching Experience Alvin Ailey Training Camp (Summer 2002) - Counselor of 11-14 yrs. old girls and boys being trained in modern, jazz, African dance and enlightening them to new forms of dance including Capoeira, Samba. Training also included personal development, growth in self-esteem, and motivational workshops. Mayfair Academy (2007-2010)- Teaching children ranging from ages 3-18 different forms of dance including combination classes for younger students of ballet and tap. Also, ballet, modern, and hip-hop to older students. Trinity United Church of Christ (2008-2014) - After coming up through the dance ministry, moved on to overseeing the worship and arts ministries. Training and uplifting young girls and boys, women, and men in the art of dance and praise & worship. Teaching includes choreographing and directing annual dance ministry recitals for 7 dance ministry, drill, mime and worship and arts teams, which encompassed more than150 people. Endure Productions (2008-2016) - Under the direction of Kim Tyler (former choreographer for the Chicago Luvabulls) guiding over 200 underprivileged youth through dance and technique through a non-profit organization. Program includes preparing for full performances throughout the Chicagoland area including in venues such as Arie Crown Theatre & Harold Washington Cultural CenterPremier One Dance Academy (2017- Present) - Teaching dance in modern, ballet and lyrical under the direction Adrianne Brazille (owner of Premier One). Also directing nationally placed competition dance team that travels across the US. OtherIn addition to my dance experience, other acclamations include graduating from Hampton University with Honors (Summa Cum Laude) in May 2007 with a degree in Chemistry. Currently working as a Cosmetic Chemist and Director of Quality in the cosmetic industry. Also, a licensed Realtor and trader in the Forex market. I am also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.


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